Facilities at the REMPF

Summer and Autumn Sports on Wimbledon Common

The Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields is a substantial grassed sports facility with a large pavilion and extensive parking. It is owned and managed by the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators since 1925 and we are now expanding the range of sports facilities we can offer during the summer and autumn months. Within the Pavilion there are ten fully fitted changing rooms and at least one member of staff, fully trained in First Aid, on duty during the course of a day.


We have ten full size football pitches which are available for clubs playing in Saturday and Sunday leagues - we are currently full but will know in June if we have any availability for the 2011/12 season. Please call if you would like to be added to the waiting list. The pitches are also used by many local schools during the week.


The REMPF has some outstanding rugby facilities which are used by the London Broncos Rugby League team as their training ground, and also by London Cornish as their home ground. Local schools, Rokeby and Hall School also play on the pitches and for four days every March, the Rosslyn Park Rugby Sevens Tournament is held here. Over 1200 games of rugby are played during this period.

Australian Rules Football

The Putney Magpies Australian Rules Football team have been using the REMPF as their home ground for the last two years, from May to September. Our ground staff worked with the team to set up the special pitches .

Ultimate Frisbee

2007 saw the REMPF hosting the UK Ultimate Frisbee Championships and, in 2008, we hosted the Euroopean Ultimate Frisbee Championship. Several local teams also use the playing fields for their team training.

Ultimate Frisbee at the REMPF




The Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields is a substantial grassed sports facility with a large pavilion and extensive parking. It is owned and managed by the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators since 1925 and we are now expanding the range of sports facilities we can offer during the summer and autumn months.

Two Clubs use Wimbledon Common - The London Scottish Golf Club formed in 1865, and The Wimbledon Common Golf Club (formerly the Wimbledon Town Golf Club), founded in 1908.

The Royal Wimbledon Club plays on a course adjacent to the Common.


Horseriding on the Common

On one of the trails on Wimbledon Common

There are 16 miles of horse rides on Wimbledon Common and on Putney Heath.

The rides are open to all members of the public to ride on, as well as for use by the four local stables:

  • Ridgway Stables (tel. 020 8946 7400)
  • Wimbledon Village Stables (tel 020 8946 8579)
  • Stag Lodge Stables (Richmond Park)
  • Charity riding events, such as those organised by Riding for the Disabled, are held regularly.

Private horse boxes are welcome in the car parks but are best accommodated during weekdays as the car parks tend to get very busy weekends.


Full use is made of the Commons for running, whether for training, charity events. or organised Club or open races.

The first cross country steeplechase ever (not at a school), staged by Thames Rowing Club, was run over the Common on 7th December 1867.  This resulted in the formation in 1868 of Thames Hare and Hounds (the oldest cross country running club in the world).  Richard Newbold who is currently researching the steeplechase (www.steeplechase.org.uk) has informed us that there was a somewhat earlier 4 mile steeplechase at Lenton, Nottinghamshire in 1840, although there are no claims of a club older than Thames Hare and Hounds.  See www.lentontimes.fsnet.co.uk/oct88_10.htm.

The Annual Oxford v. Cambridge cross country race is regularly held on the Commons.

Clubs in the area using The Commons include


The Commons provide a large area for walking in a variety of scenery. Besides the many paths available for walking, there are organised, guided walks regularly conducted by an expert on a particular aspect of the Commons arranged from time to time and details of these can be found in Events. These have included talks on birds, plants and an evening observing the bats in flight around Queensmere Pond.

Walking with Dogs

Wimbledon and Putney Commons are naturally a favourite spot for local, and not so local, residents and their dogs. The wide open spaces and lack of busy roads, once you are deep into the Common, make it a perfect place for dog walking.

However, not everyone loves dogs and there are several courtesies that we would ask dog walkers to observe:

  • Be aware that other users of the Commons may not appreciate your dog bounding up to them, barking and jumping all over them, especially young children and the elderly. If your dog is excitable and exuberant, please keep him/her in your sight and under control at all times.
  • If your dog is pestering other Commons users, please call your dog back to you immediately.
  • If you walk your dogs at the Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields remember that children play rugby and football here so clear up your dogs' waste and take it home with you.
  • Don't let your dog yap/bark for long periods - it really can spoil other people's enjoyment of the Commons.
  • Join a dog training class if you have a young dog, a difficult dog or maybe a rescue dog. You will enjoy your dog's company more if you are confident that it is obedient.

And one more thing dog walkers....we thank you for clearing up after your dogs but please, please, please DO NOT tie the bags of dog waste to a tree or a bush. It is a serious health hazard to other Commons users and our staff who have to clear it up. If it is your intention to do this, then we would rather you leave the dog waste where it is so that it will at least break down.

Cycling on the Commons

We have many permitted cycle paths on Wimbledon Common and Putney Heath and these are marked with the blue 'Cycle Route' signs which are fixed to posts along the paths. We would ask any cyclist using the Commons to be aware that these are shared paths and priority should be given to pedestrians and especially horses, which do share adjacent paths in some cases. Please note that the rule of thumb for cycling on the Commons is that if a path does not say you can cycle on it, then it is NOT a cycle route.

In the interests of safety, please do keep an eye your speed to a safe level - children, dogs and walkers can appear from anywhere!

We understand the frustration of many cyclists, particularly those of you with mountain bikes, that we do not permit you to cycle on paths not marked as 'Cycle Routes'. The reason for this is that many areas of the Commons are a Site of Special Scientific environmentally sensitive and whilst one bike here and there would probably not cause any damage, lots of bikes going 'off-piste' would cause significant problems to these sensitive areas. Please respect the environment and help us to keep the Commons a safe habitat for all the flora and fauna that exists here.

A map of permitted cycle paths is displayed at various points on the Commons and a copy is available from The Ranger's Office.

Further information can be obtained from The Ranger's Office, Manor Cottage Wimbledon Common

Tel: 020 8788 7655 or by email


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