Information on Governance

The Board commissioned an independent Governance Review in 2014. The review recognised that there were significant opportunities for greater engagement with the wider community. As part of this process, the Conservators no longer hold an open part of their Board meetings but have now established a series of measures to engage with the public.

A Stakeholder Group has been formed with representatives of local Amenity Societies, Residents’ Associations, Commons’ User Groups such as dog walkers, golfers, horse-riders, together with representatives of other local open spaces to act as a consultative body.

Our Wildlife & Conservation Forum includes volunteers and local interest groups who help to monitor and enhance the condition of the wildlife habitats across the Commons.

In addition to the Annual Open Meeting there are other General Meetings along with a series of events, walks and talks to enable the local community and visitors to learn about the heritage and current issues affecting these unique parcels of publicly accessible open space.

Combined with our Annual Newsletter, regular electronic Newsletters and seasonal updates are available to provide opportunities for engagement with the Conservators, and the team here at the Commons.

Here you will find copies of the Act that governs the Conservators along with minutes from public meetings and other associated documents.

Information on Governance pre April 2020 can be found here

1.  Information on Governance

Wimbledon and Putney Commons Act 1871 

Governance Review

2.  Board Meeting Dates and Attendance 

Dates of Conservator Board Meetings and attendance details (from April 2018)

Agenda 6 April 2020

Agenda 8 June 2020

Agenda 18 June 2020 Conservators Only

Agenda 29 June 2020 Conservators Only

Agenda 13 July 2020

Agenda 12 August 2020 Conservators Only

Agenda 28 August 2020 (Conservators Only)

Agenda 24 September 2020

Agenda 12 October 2020

Agenda 29 October 2020 (Conservators Only)

Agenda 11 November 2020

Agenda 11 December 2020 (Conservators Only)

Agenda 14 December 2020

Agenda 22 January 2021

Agenda 8 February 2021

Agenda 19 March 2021

Agenda 12 April 2021

Agenda 19 April 2021 (Conservators only)

Agenda 7 May (Conservators Only)

Agenda 7 June 2021

Agenda 12 July 2021

Agenda 23 July 2021 (Conservators Only)

3.  Board Meeting Resolutions

Resolutions 6 April 2020

Resolutions 8 June 2020

Resolutions 13 July 2020

Resolutions 12 October 2020

Resolutions 14 December 2020

Resolutions 8 February 2021

Resolutions 19 March 2021

Resolutions 12 April 2021

Resolutions 19 April 2021

Resolutions 7 June 2021

Resolutions 12 July 2021


4.  Committees/Forums/Working Group

Audit & Risk

Membership:  Peter Hirsch, Michael Johnston, Mike Rappolt, Sarah Wilton (co-opted)

Terms of Reference 

ARC Annual Report 2018/19

ARC Annual Report 2019/20

ARC Annual Report 2020/21

Finance & Investment

Membership:  David Hince, Diane Neil Mills, Nigel Ware

Terms of Reference

Constitution Working Group

Membership: Sue Bucknall, David Hince, Diane Neil Mills, Mike Rappolt, Nigel Ware

Terms of Reference

5.  Annual Accounts

Year Ended March 2021

Year Ended March 2020

Year Ended March 2019

Year ended March 2018

Year ended March 2017 (restated)

Year ended March 2016

Year ended March 2015

Year ended March 2014

Year ended March 2013

Year ended March 2012

Year ended March 2011

Year ended March 2010

Year ended March 2009

Year ended March 2008

6.  Stakeholder Group

In October 2015, the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Consultation Stakeholder Group was set up.  A “Consultation Stakeholder Group” is a body of people who use the Commons, and have a knowledge and interest in the Commons.   The Stakeholder Group is an advisory body, providing views, suggestions and advice on matters affecting the management of the Commons.  The Group consists of appointed representatives of invited organisations, with no more than one named representative per organisation. 

The current membership is as follows:

Adam Curtis - Richmond Park
Carol Andrews - Wimbledon Village Stables
Clive Hilton - Wimbledon Common West Residents’ Association
Wimbledon Common Golf Club
Jane Curtis - Commercial Dog-Walkers
Asif Malik - Wimbledon Windmill Museum
John Mays - Wimbledon Society
Robert Arguile - Putney Society
Peter Anthony - Roehampton Church School
Robin Healey - The Wimbledon Union of Residents` Associations
Tracy Pattison - Putney Lower Common
Jenny Brickman, Wimbledon Common

There are also members of organisations representing the running clubs, local users of each area of the Common, and the Wildlife and Conservation Forum.

7.  Commons Strategy

The Governance Review undertaken in 2014 placed considerable emphasis on the need to develop a Commons Strategy.  There are many reasons for having a strategy for a site as complex and special as the Commons, not least providing a framework for consistent, long-term management based on an agreed set of policy priorities. 

To develop this longer term strategic plan the Board enlisted the support of the Stakeholder Group and, over the past fifteen months they have worked with the Senior Leadership Team to develop a draft strategy that was presented to the Board in a workshop in March 2017 and subsequently approved by the Board at its April 2017. The Charity owes Clive Hilton, Judith Chegwidden and Claire Seignior our grateful thanks for the time and effort they have put into progressing this document. 

Five strategic areas of key responsibilities were identified, each with its own overriding objective. These ranged from Natural & Cultural Heritage to Access & Recreation; Community; Communication & Promotion and Governance of  Wimbledon and Putney Commons.

The development of the strategy will enable the Board to look at ways of managing financial and natural resources more efficiently, particularly given the competing demands on the Charity’s limited

Copies of the Commons Strategy can be downloaded here.

8.  Historical

Mill House

Mill House Chronology - September 2018

Retrospective Valuation Reports - Putney Lower Common

Retrospective Valuation Report

Instructions for the Preparation Of the Retrospective Valuation Report