Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter

Autumn is always a favourite time of the year here on the Commons. Heralding the transition into the cold, dark winter months, Autumn sees our flora and fauna putting on a final hurrah before slowing down until the warmer sunshine of spring returns.

The last couple of months have been busy for all our staff, with some much needed path restoration work underway and keeping on top of fire hazards during the long summer heatwave, as well as an incursion of travellers at the Playing Fields.  Our flora and fauna have been equally busy with some important sightings being recorded here this year - read more about our work in the Commons Catch-Up" article below.

Please join us at one of the two events being held on 11th November to mark 100 Years of Remembrance - Battles Over.  Details of how you can join either event are also found below. 

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