Conservators' Election 2021

It’s time to vote -
by no later than 5.00pm on 10 March 2021

If you are eligible to vote you will shortly be receiving your Ballot Papers directly from Civica Election Services (the independent scrutineer). You are eligible to vote if you are on the local council electoral roll and live within ¾ mile of Wimbledon Common/Putney Heath or, failing that, if you live within the old Parish of Putney; a map of the electoral area can be found here. If you have not received your Ballot Papers by 18 February 2021, please email or call the office on 020 8788 7655.

The Commons have eight Conservators (usually known as Trustees), five of whom are elected by local residents every three years; the other three Conservators are appointed by Government departments. The twelve candidates standing for election are:

Susan BUCKNALL Michael Frederick JOHNSTON
Sarah Helen HAWKINS Diane Kathryn NEIL MILLS
Peter John HAYES Selma RAUF
David HINCE Donald James ROY
Peter Denis HIRSCH Syeda Zainab VAQAR
Simon Joseph Paul Blanco HOOD Simon Jonathan WITHEY

The candidates’ election statements can be viewed here.

You can also listen to the candidates and ask them questions by attending one of the hustings events being held via Zoom by the Putney Society and the Wimbledon Society on 18 and 25 February, respectively. Details of how to register to attend these hustings can be found here.

Please take time to read the candidates’ election statements and vote for the five local residents who you think will best protect the Commons and govern them effectively over the next three years.

Key points to note about voting:

  • Your vote must be received by the Scrutineer by no later than 5.00 p.m. on Wednesday 10 March 2021.

  • You can vote by post or online. It is recommended that you vote online if you are able to do so as that will avoid any possible postal delays caused by Coronavirus and it will also save the charity the cost of the postage.

  • You can vote for up to five candidates. Don’t vote for more than five candidates because if you do all your votes will be invalid.

  • Click on the box below to link to the Scrutineer’s voting website.  You will need the two-part security code from your ballot paper in order to vote.

Meet the candidates

“Meet the candidates” hustings will be held (via Zoom) by the Putney Society and the Wimbledon Society on 18 and 25 February 2021, respectively.

Details on how to register for the Putney Society Hustings can be found here.

Details on how to register for the Wimbledon Society Hustings can be found here.

Election Publicity Plan

The Returning Officer has published his publicity plan for the forthcoming Election which can be downloaded here.

Guidance for candidates

The guidance for candidates contained in WPCC’s Election Guidelines and Procedures has been extracted into a separate document and can be downloaded here.

Complaints procedure

If you have a complaint about any aspect of the election process you can make a formal complaint using an Election Complaint Form which you can download here. The completed form should be emailed to or posted or delivered to Manor Cottage, Wimbledon Common, SW19 5NR.

The Returning Officer (or WPCC staff) will endeavour to respond to complaints within five working days. If a full response cannot be made within this timescale, the complainant will be advised.

Statutory Notice of Election

The Statutory Notice calling the election was issued on 4 December 2020; a copy can be downloaded here.

Key election dates

Ballot papers to be dispatched to electors by Scrutineer

12 February 2021

Last date for receipt of candidate applications* 24 February 2021
Latest time by which completed ballot papers must be received by Scrutineer (either electronically or physically) 5.00pm on Wednesday 10 March
Result of election announced 11 March 2021

*Please note that the last date for candidates to apply and be able to have their names and candidate statements included in the ballot papers was 27 January 2021. Therefore, any candidate applying between 28 January 2021 and 24 February 2021 will not have their name recorded on the ballot papers.

Election Date

The Board has resolved that the date of the next election will be Wednesday 10 March 2021. This is the date by which completed ballot papers must be received by the Scrutineer.  

Election Guidelines and Procedures

The Board has approved the Election Guidelines and Procedures for the 2021 election which can be downloaded here.

Appointment of Returning Officer and Scrutineer

Mr Nigel Ware, the Home Office appointed Conservator, has been appointed as Returning Officer for the next triennial election to be held in March 2021.

Civica Election Services Limited (formerly Electoral Reform Services) has been appointed as Scrutineer.