Restoration work on the Inner Windmill Road begins!

Following last year’s successful appeal, which raised £55,000, and the recent spell of dry weather, the restoration of the Inner Windmill Road has now started.

The Inner Windmill Road has been deteriorating for some time, to the extent that it has become difficult to use, not only for those with disabilities, but also people with pushchairs, joggers, cyclists and walkers. The planned work will resolve this problem – hopefully for many years to come.

The contractor will be removing debris which has built up on the surface of the road, digging up and rolling the existing track, then adding new stone to create a cambered surface, to allow water to drain off the road. They will also be digging channels in the verges to aid drainage.  

The work is expected to take around two weeks to complete.

There will be large machinery operating long the length of the road whilst the work is being undertaken. For this reason, we will need to close the road until the resurfacing is completed. 

Please help us keep you and your children or dogs safe by avoiding the Inner Windmill Road until further notice

We will be putting out leaflets with maps of alternative routes to use, particularly for cyclists, during this closure (see map below). 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused whilst the resurfacing is undertaken. If you have any queries regarding this project, please contact the Ranger’s Office.

Alternative routes

The horse ride that runs alongside Inner Windmill Road will be closed to horses and can be used by walkers.  Cyclists are asked to use the horse ride up to Green Ride, then follow the alternative routes to their destination (marked in blue).  Notices will be put up along the routes advising of the diversions.