A reminder about the risk of fire during this hot weather

Compared to many sites in the UK, the Commons have been lucky to escape a major fire this year.  

So thank you to everyone for the care you are all taking on the Commons during this hot weather, it is very much appreciated.  But despite the welcome downpour last weekend, we would ask you to continue to be vigilant and take great care to ensure any cigarettes are put out and disposed of properly (see the update below), and that rubbish is put into the bins or taken away with you.

BBQs are not permitted anywhere on the Commons because of the ease with which the grass can catch fire danger they pose to our vital habitats - our Keepers are instructed to put out any BBQ or cooking fire immediately. This is for your own safety as well as that of our staff and wildlife. 

If you see a fire anywhere on the Commons, please call us straight away - we have a Duty Officer on call 24/7 to deal with such emergencies - 020 8788 7655.

Please also take care when sitting on the benches - if they are in full sun, the brass plaques can get quite hot.

Thank you.

Update - 26th July 2018

Our staff were out early this morning dealing with a fire that had been smouldering for some time. Luckily it only smouldered and did not break into flame and so did not spread too far. Unfortunately evidence at the scene of the fire did indicate that it may have been started deliberately - matches aren't often found in the woodland.  The police have been informed.



Update 27th July

Our staff were called to a tree on fire near North View on Friday 27th July and found a discarded cigarette at the base of the tree.  Oddly, the fire was half way up the trunk and it looks possibly as if someone stubbed the cigarette out on the tree.  As the tree was dead and very dry, it only took one ember to set it alight.  

For the sake of all our open spaces put out your cigarettes properly and take the butts away with you. Please don't risk it.