Thames Tideway Tunnel Works at Putney Lower Common

Thames Tideway Tunnel

London relies on a 150-year-old sewer system built for a population less than half its current size. As a result, millions of tonnes of raw sewage spills, untreated, into the River Thames each year.

Tideway are the company that are responsible for building a ‘super sewer’ under the Thames to intercept those nasty spills and clean up our river for the good of the city, its wildlife and people.

A Development Consent Order was granted by the Secretaries of State in September 2014 (the “DCO”).  The DCO (which is a statutory instrument) governs the way in which the project may be undertaken, and includes the grant of specific powers in relation to land identified within the DCO (the Order Limits) to facilitate the construction, operation and management of the Project.

A very small part of Common land along the footpath from the main Common to the River Thames was identified as being required to facilitate the works on a temporary basis. These temporary works will last approximately two years and are necessary to facilitate the installation of hoarding to protect the main working area. The works involve construction of a narrow concrete plinth on which the hoarding will be installed. Once the hoarding is in position the Heras fencing will be removed.

No Common land will be permanently lost, but Tideway have powers under the DCO to take exclusive temporary possession of land identified on the plan below for the purposes of carrying out the work.  Once the work has been completed, the hoarding and concrete will be removed and the land reinstated to the satisfaction of the Conservators.


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