*UPDATE Reports of "poisoned" chicken in the local area

Following our post at the end of November last year, there have been further reports of "poisoned" chicken in the area around Wimbledon Common over the last week or so.

We understand dog-walkers are very concerned and we share that concern.  However, there are a lot of rumours escalating so we have followed this up with Merton Council who were initially dealing with the matter.  The following is our understanding of the situation at the moment:

The RSPCA have been keeping a watching brief on the issue, but any investigation is being led by the Raynes Park Safer Neighbourhood (SNT) police.  The report of a dog sadly passing away earlier this week is true but the police have advised that there is no evidence that the dog ate anything or it is related to these recent incidents . 

Whilst chicken is still being dropped around the Village/Raynes Park area, we understand that there has been no testing carried out to confirm if it is poisoned. An update on this is awaited from the Police

As always when walking on the Commons, we advise people to keep their dog within sight and under close control.  If you see anything suspicious on the Commons please do let us know on 020 8788 7655 or if in surrounding areas, please report the matter to the Raynes Park SNT or call them on 020 8721 2459