Sale of logs on the Commons to stop

Collecting wood from the log pile on the Commons has become an annual family event for many over the last 20 years or so we have been selling it.  The majority of the wood came in from local tree surgeons and a member of the Commons staff then splits it.  The wood was used for a variety of purposes - burning in stoves, wood carving and importantly, for wildlife gardens.

However, with changes in legislation about burning wood in stoves, and as part of the charity’s wider commitment to the environment, the Conservators have recently considered at length their current policy of selling unseasoned wood, which has generated income to support the charity for over two decades.

It is increasingly recognised that the burning of unseasoned logs contributes towards air pollution, particularly fine particulate matter, if not burned in an approved appliance. Recognising their inability to validate the way in which the wood is ultimately burned or otherwise utilised, the Conservators therefore reached a decision to stop selling chopped wood. 

There is still some wood available which is currently being split and this will be idea for seasoning ready to burn next winter if you have the appropriate stove.