Advice for visiting the Commons.

We hope you are all keeping well and coping whatever your individual circumstances may be.

Given the location and natural setting of the Commons it is perhaps inevitable that despite the closure of the car parks the site will remain busy.

We want everyone to enjoy their limited visits to the Commons and there is room for the number of visitors to spread out, but there are some crunch points - particularly at entrance points, where main paths cross or on shared use paths. As we adjust to these very extraordinary times, could we ask you all to perhaps consider the following:

• Walkers - Now is a great time to find some different routes, perhaps away from the main and shared use paths. You have the most freedom of all our visitors - give yourself a chance to find some safe space.

• Dog-walkers - We understand that your dogs are as frustrated at being cooped up as you are, but now more than ever it is critical you keep your more boisterous charges under proper control. If someone is knocked over and injured by an excited dog we are potentially adding to the pressure on the NHS and putting those providing first aid at risk.

• Runners - As with walkers, now is a good time for you to also find some alternative routes away from the main paths.

• Cycling - Despite the current crisis, our Byelaws are still in force. Please ensure that you and your family keep to the permitted cycle paths, and keep your speed down. Use your bell to let people know you are behind them so they can move to the side to let you pass.

• A joint message for runners and cyclists - you are exerting yourselves and, not to put too fine a point on it, sweating and breathing hard. It is vital that you of all our visitors ensure you keep the required 2 metres from others. If people are ahead of you and you cannot pass them and keep the required distance then please stop and let them know you are there so they can move aside.

We urge everyone to be aware of who is around you and follow Government guidelines to keep at least 2m or 6’6” (in old money) apart to minimise risk of spreading this virus. Let’s all do our bit to keep our friends and family safe.

A final message for everyone - we understand your frustrations at the closure of the car parks but please respect that our staff are following instructions from the Board of Conservators.

Thank you!

PS. We will be adding our support to national “Applause for our NHS Heroes” at 8.00pm this evening, don’t forget to join in too!