On-street Parking Restrictions Around Wimbledon Common

There seems to be some confusion in relation to the parking restrictions that have been introduced on the roads around Wimbledon Common.

The Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators do not support this measure and in fact are concerned that it will severely impact the ability for local residents, particularly those with limited mobility, to access Wimbledon Common.  This is of particular importance given that we did have to take the very difficult decision to close our public car parks as we could not meet the social distancing requirements that are so important if we are as a nation are to limit the transmission of this virus.  Our decision was based on the understanding that on-street parking would still be available for those who required parking facilities to access Wimbledon Common.

This is not however to say that we do not support the provision of on-street parking for key workers;  this was in fact a matter about which we had been in discussion with Merton Council in late March in relation to the staff at Parkside Hospital, who had begun to provide services for the NHS.  We maintain however that allowing parking for key workers can be done without removing the ability of other members of the public to access on-street bays.

The critical role served by open spaces such as Wimbledon and Putney Commons during the pandemic has been widely recognised.   Keeping this unique resource accessible is therefore of vital importance.  The Conservators have therefore written to Merton Council with a request to reconsider these restrictions as soon as possible.