Visitor Information for the Bank Holiday Weekend

With fine weather again forecast for this weekend, we hope you all get out to enjoy the sunshine, at the recommended 2 metre distance of course. If you are visiting the Commons, please do be aware of the following:

BBQs – NOT PERMITTED ON THE COMMONS. We operate a zero-tolerance policy in relation to BBQs or any other naked flame and they will be extinguished by our staff. The Commons are tinder dry and a small spark could very quickly become a serous blaze. Please also extinguish cigarettes properly. We are sure you will agree that we don't want a repeat of the fire on Putney Heath over Easter.

Rubbish – staff are working almost full-time to clear the amount of litter that is being left on the Commons. If bins are full or there isn’t one nearby, please help us and take your litter home with you. Litter, particularly glass bottles, can also be a fire hazard.

Cyclists – Keep to the permitted cycle paths, slow down, maintain 2m distance at all times and no spitting. All paths where cycling is permitted are shared use and pedestrians always have priority. Given how busy the Commons are likely to be this weekend, we respectfully suggest that you might want to leave the bikes at home during peak times.

Runners – slow down, maintain 2m distance at all times and no spitting.

Horses – Horses are once again out on the Commons using the horse rides and you should take care if walking near the horse rides particularly if you have dogs and/or young children with you. Horses can be spooked by the sudden appearance of a runner, cyclist or a dog running out of control. Riders will generally only be in groups of two, unless members of the same household are riding together.

Dog-walkers – dogs may be off-lead before 9am and after 7pm – perfect walking times in the warm weather. Pick up after your dogs and dispose of the bag responsibly. Observe the dogs on lead “at all times” requirements across The Plain and around Queensmere Pond, and keep your dogs out of the other ponds - we have lots of young wildfowl and we’d like to keep them safe. If your dog needs to cool down, put them on a lead and stand with them at the water’s edge. Dogs are permitted in the Beverley Brook, Ravine Pond and 7 Post Pond unless there is any wildlife they may chase. The current dogs on lead restriction is under review.

Golf – is being played on Saturday and Sunday starting at 7am and finishing early afternoon. When golf is not being played please keep off the greens and tees. The Clubs spend in excess of £200,000 per annum in maintaining the golf course.

Car Parks – all our car parks remain closed. We are currently putting measures in place to meet the guidelines for opening car parks, with a view to a phased re-opening commencing the first week of June 2020, subject of course to any change in Government restrictions or advice in the meantime.

Tea Rooms – the Tea Rooms are open for a takeaway service only. Please dispose of your rubbish responsibly.

Toilets – the Toilets remain closed and you should factor this in to your visit.

Thank you.