Visitor update - Changes in effect from 1 June

Following the further relaxations by the Government, the following is an update for our visitors, with effect from 1 June.  


The Windmill Car Park will re-open on Monday 1 June.  Opening hours will be 7.30am to 8.30pm. 

Points to note:

  • We have created larger parking bays to enable proper social distancing.  Please park within these bays only.
  • Larger bays have reduced the car park’s capacity by half and we would encourage those who can walk to the Commons to continue to do so.
  • There is no additional parking outside the car park so please do not leave your vehicle on Windmill Road or any verge.
  • When the car park has reached capacity staff will reinstate the barriers at the bottom of Windmill Road so please be aware of this when driving in.
  • Toilets remain closed and you should factor this in to your visit.  The disabled Toilet is accessible with a RADAR key
  • If possible, please check our Facebook and Twitter feeds for up to date information before setting out.
  • Springwell and REMPF car parks remain closed for the time being.



The playing of golf has been extended and clubs are now permitted to play all day and the full 18-hole round. 

  • Monday to Saturday - tee-off will start at 7.40am and all golfers must be off the course by 8.30pm.
  • Sunday – tee-off starts at 7am with both Clubs only playing 9 holes.  All golfers must be off the course by 2pm. 
  • Only two golfers may play together, observing 2m social distancing guidelines.


As always we ask visitors to be respectful of everyone using the Commons and to follow the Government restrictions and guidelines.