What3Words mobile phone App

One of the biggest problems for visitors to the Commons is trying to explain to us where they are if they need help, or if they are trying to guide us to a location of a fallen tree or a fire perhaps.

Regular visitors may know the names of the horserides or golf tees for example, or know landmarks, but what if you don't? 

Although we don't often recommend mobile phone apps, one that has proved incredibly useful is called What3Words.  The developers of this App have divided the world into 3m squares and given each square a unique combination of three words.  These are easy to share and they claim are as accurate as GPS coordinates.

All our staff now have this App on their mobile phones and can simply enter in the three words of your location and pinpoint you easily and quickly.

The example below shows the What3Words for the Ranger's Office - libraries-report-pill

The App can be downloaded either from Apple or Google Play stores free to download and use and we definitely recommend it!