Please help us prevent damage to the golf course

We hope everyone is keeping well during this current lockdown.  The Commons remain a vital resource for everyone to get out for exercise and we very much appreciate all the effort visitors are making to ensure the Commons remain safe for everyone, particularly in keeping your distance from others.

One area where we do need your help is on the golf course.  With no golf in play, the course is being used much more by visitors and it is starting to feel the pressure from the much higher footfall.  Combined with the wet weather, there are areas of the course that are now becoming seriously damaged, particularly around the greens.

It costs the two Clubs that use the course in excess of £200,000 a year to keep the course in tip top condition and the green keepers are passionate about their work so please help us keep any possible remedial work to a minimum and please avoid the tees and greens, particularly for walking or playing football with your children or throwing balls for your dogs.

The golf course is an integral part of the Commons and an important part of its history, pre-dating the creation of the Commons, and the Conservators wish to protect the course as much as possible during this unprecedented time. 

Thank you!