Update on Events

As the country moves forward out of lockdown, outdoor events will start to be reintroduced on the Commons, and a change to our schedule of 150th Anniversary events.

General Events - Although competitive runs and sponsored events have been permitted for some time, we are taking a cautious approach to reintroducing events.  The Commons are still busy, and we know many visitors will not be comfortable seeing a group of runners come towards them and of course the Commons need a chance to recover too.

From early May we are starting to allow competitive runs, but we are limiting the numbers of entrants to half the usual number, and organisers will be expected to have COVID-19 secure starts and finishes in place.  They will also stress to entrants the need to be respectful to other visitors using the Commons.

We will try to put notices up on our main noticeboards in key areas to let you know dates that these are happening, particularly on weekends.

BioBlitz Weekend of Nature - We are looking forward to our first event of the year - our annual weekend of nature focusing on our flora and fauan.  There will be walks focusing on small mammal, bats and moths, butterflies and dragonflies, along with the general nature walk.  This all takes place from 25 to 27 June so put the date in your diary!

And of course, the Open Day!  Scheduled this year for Sunday 12 September, we look forward to welcoming you all back to our annual day of fun!

150th Anniversary Events - We had hoped to start our series of anniversary events in March but the lockdowns have of course prevented this.

Our celebrations will, fingers crossed, start with our Games Day on 15 August, with a reception and tour at the House of Commons and an afternoon tea at the AELTC - all with Commons' theme.  We will post out more information as soon as dates are confirmed.