Restoration Work to the Commons

With the significant increase in visitor numbers over the last year, along with the very wet winter, some areas of the Commons have suffered from significant damage as a result of heavy and sustained footfall.

We have recently taken measures to protect some of the most damaged areas: two sections of ground along the edge of the Beverley Brook on Wimbledon Common and two areas surrounding the Windmill complex.

For the Wimbledon Common section of the Beverley Brook, we will be using chestnut paling fencing to temporarily prevent access along certain sections of the brook and therefore allow for the recovery of ground flora.

Around the Windmill complex, posts and ropes will be used to mark out the two areas that are in need of recovery and which we would encourage visitors to avoid.

As all of the areas of damaged ground falls within the Site of Special Scientific Interest area of the Commons, we are not permitted to re-seed any of the areas but hopefully, with time, all of the areas will recover through a process of natural regeneration.