Oil Spillage Beverley Brook

We are saddened to report that waste oil dumped into a tributary of the Beverley Brook has resulted in a major pollution incident.

Early on Sunday 27 March, the Ranger's Office was made aware of what appeared to be oil on the surface of the Beverley Brook where it runs through Wimbledon Common.

The Environment Agency was contacted and they advised that there had been an incident on  Pyl Brook, a tributary that feeds into the Brook some distance upstream of the Commons, and they were trying to identify the cause.  We understand that they believe a third party is involved and they are currently investigating this.

Thames Water have been on site to inspect the Brook and a clean up operation is underway along the length of the Brook which will hopefully remove the oil. This is likely to take some time so do please keep your dogs out of the water for the time-being.

As yet, we have no sense of what the damage to the infrastructure and eco-system of the Brook may be. After all the work and effort that has been put into improving the Brook over the last few years by both staff and volunteers, this has come as a real blow.  However, we will be better able to assess any damage once the clean up operation has been completed and we can only hope that the damage will be minimal.

Donation - We are incredibly grateful for the support of a generous visitor to the Commons who has made a donation towards funding the long term clean up and on-going maintenance of our stretch of the Beverley Brook.  Thank you!  Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so via our donation page here: Make a Donation

In the meantime, please keep out of the water and advise the Ranger's Office on 020 8788 7655 if you see any wildlife in distress - we are aware of the Heron and attempts are being made to catch it.