Important Information for Springwell Car Park

Over recent weeks we have had several incidents of vehicles accessing the Commons along Sunset Road and either fly-tipping, or causing serious damage to the Common and the golf course.

Because of this, we have had to take the decision to start closing the access gate at the bottom of Sunset Road, opposite the Wimbledon Common Golf Club.  

The gate will be locked at 5pm and opened again at approximately 6am in the mornings.

This will take effect immediately.

We appreciate that this will cause some problems for early morning and late evening users, through the winter in particular, and we apologise for the lack of warning - we had hoped to lead into this but with damage occurring over the last two nights, we have had to take immediate action to prevent any further damage.  

If you do see any vehicles on the Common that clearly don't belong there or are being driven dangerously, please do contact us at the Ranger's Office 020 8788 7655 at any time.