Consultation: Licencing Scheme for Dog Walkers

The Conservators are currently carrying out a campaign to encourage responsible dog walking on the Commons . In addition, the Conservators are undertaking this consultation to ascertain views on the current licencing scheme for dog walkers.

The Byelaws on Wimbledon and Putney Commons currently permit the general public to walk a maximum
of four dogs in any one group of people however, the conservators have powers under the Byelaws to authorise both private and commercial dog walkers to walk up to six dogs (two of which must be on a lead at all times). There are 25 licences currently issued. The Byelaws do not permit the Conservators to charge a fee for commercial dog walkers.

We would be grateful if you could take a moment to complete the questionnaire below and let us have your views:


Question 1.

Do you support the current licencing scheme that allows 25 individuals to walk up to 6 dogs (two of whom must be on lead at all times) on the Commons?

Question 2.

In the future, should all dog walkers, including commercial dog walkers, be limited to walking a maximum of four dogs in any one group of people?

Question 3.

Should all commercial dog walkers who use Wimbledon and Putney Commons be licenced?

Question 4.

Do you support the principle of charging commercial dog walkers who are using the Commons?

If you have any other comments on this matter, please use the box below:


The Conservators will consider all responses before deciding if they wish to make any changes to the current policy.