Order for Injunction Notices

Many of you will have noticed the signs that have been put up around the perimeter of the Commons for an Injunction Notice against "persons unknown".  Here's why....

On the evening of 10th September 2018,  thirteen caravans and twenty two other vehicles illegally entered and parked on the Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields in Roehampton Vale.

During the thirty hours of this traveller incursion considerable damage was sustained to the Playing Fields.  Cars were dismantled resulting in broken glass left on the pitches, goal posts broken and considerable detritus and rubbish deposited across the area.

The Conservators and the Chief Executive took immediate action in the High Court to obtain a Writ of Possession to enable us to remove them immediately and the vehicles were moved off site by 6pm on Wednesday 12th September.   Following on from this, we were advised to post copies of the Writ of Possession around the area it covers - Wimbledon Common and Putney Heath - in order to publicise that it is in place. 

There have been an increasing number of such incursions in the area in recent years and many local authorities surrounding the Commons have obtained injunctions to potect land in their ownership.

The Conservators have therefore taken the decision to apply for a similar injunction to cover Wimbledon and Putney Commons in their entirety against further incursions. They consider this to be a proportionate and appropriate to ensure the Commons are protected as without this in place, the Commons will be left increasingly vulnerable and susceptible to further incursions.  Regular visitors to the Commons will remember the incursion on Putney Heath in 2013 which resulted in costs to the charity of £35,000 just to clear the area of the rubbish and detritus, including asbestos, that was left behind. 

On Tuesday 16th October 2018, Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators, supported by their legal representatives, obtained an Interim Injunction Order in the High Court of Justice against ‘persons unknown occupying land and/or depositing waste on land’ forming any part of Wimbledon and Putney Commons.  Copies of the Order have been posted at prominent locations around the perimeter of the Commons and a further court hearing will take place later in mid-December this year when it is envisaged that the Injunction Order will be confirmed for a three-year period (to 2021).

The September incident incurred £18,000 in costs to the WPCC for the removal of the travellers and to repair the damage caused by the incursion. A further £15,000 in costs were incurred by the charity in obtaining the injunction.

Copies of the relevant notices and documentation can be found to the right.