For the last four years, Dr Ros Taylor, WPCC's Defra-appointed Conservator, has led the production of an an annual report covering both the systematic recording of the wildlife on the Commons, and the annual BioBlitz event.

In 2015, WPCC’s Natural History Sub-Committee was re-cast as the “Wildlife and Conservation Forum” and was set up to include not only staff and Conservators, but also representatives of the volunteer recorders.

The new Forum explores key issues as a group. It oversees arrangements for seasonal wildlife recording and reviews wider landscape and ecological concerns affecting Wimbledon and Putney Commons.

The recording carried out by volunteers, and fed back into this Forum, provides the data for Dr Taylor to prepare a comprehensive report which, in turn, will feed into the development of the Commons’ Land Management Plan and, over time, give WPCC a much fuller picture of the flora and fauna on the Commons.