Nature Notes



Monitoring the wildlife, flora and fauna on the Commons is a really important way for us to understand whether the conservation work we carry out is having the desired effect or, as the climate starts to change and the species we get here adjusts, whether we need to be doing things differently.  

You can help with this mornitoring by recording and sending us your sightings.  Whethere it's a one of bird flying over, or something you are now seeing regularly that maybe you didn't before.  It all helps!  All the information we receive will be collated along with our regular monitoring and will help us build up a bigger picture of the wildlife on the Commons. 

How to record and report

There are many different ways to record species sightings, good old pen and paper or one of the many apps on your phone - the latter can also help you identify what you see, but do be cautious, they can sometimes be wrong.

To report sightings, you can either complete the form below or you can e-mail  Please include the date, time and location (you can give a description, use a grid reference or What3Words)

We will only use your e-mail address to contact you in the event of a query on your sighting.
For location, please give a detailed description, a grid reference or a What3Words reference.

We will use the information provided (other than personal details) for monitoring purposes and the information may be published in a Newsletter or on our website.



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