Can you help restore, conserve and improve the Commons?

Restoring the footbridge on Putney Lower Common

Thanks to generous donations from local visitors and the Wandsworth Grant Fund, Wimbledon and Putney Commons, the charity that cares for Putney Lower Common, will soon begin restoring the footbridge over the Beverley Brook.

Currently closed to the public, the bridge needs major repairs. The bridge provided a much loved circular walk around the Common and over the Brook.

Survey work by structural engineers has stated that the decaying and broken timber sleepers need to be replaced. The steel frame will need to be lifted and repaired as the metal ties that hold the beams together have corroded. The bridge will be protected from corrosion, painted and fully restored. Due to the specialist work involved the cost to repair and reopen the bridge will be in the region of £15,000.

Thank you to everyone has made a donation - if you'd like to be kept up to date with project news please email


Improving Paths

Wimbledon and Putney Commons provide 1,140 acres of wild green space for the community to enjoy. Welcoming 3.8 million visitors each year, the Commons team work hard to maintain the diverse landscape and care for it’s special habitats. 

Urgent steps are needed to restore and improve the Common’s paths.

Many of the paths are in a poor condition as they become seasonally muddy resulting in potholes. This impedes accessibility and makes them unsuitable for those with special access needs. Recent increased footfall means that the ground has eroded and adjacent habitats have suffered as people re-route their course to avoid potholes, waterlogging and muddy areas.

We are fundraising to improve and fully restore popular paths that are in urgent need of repair. The paths will be restored to a high standard with addition of camber and improved drainage. Doing so will not only make the Commons more accessible for visitors but will help protect natural habitats.

In order to carry out the restoration of 4 popular paths in 2022, we need to raise £83,000.  Alongside seeking grants, we are appealing to you, the people who use and love the Commons, to help improve the paths for all.  




Have a fundraising idea or would like to find out more?

If you can help and would like to get involved, please contact Maggie May:  Phone: 020 8788 7655

Maybe you have an idea about how to fundraise as a group for a bridge dedication, or work for a local business that can support the project, if so, we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for supporting Wimbledon and Putney Commons

The more that we can raise towards restoring the bridge means that more funds can go towards caring for Putney Lower Common and keep it thriving for everyone to enjoy now and in the future.