Consultation on the Commons Levy

**Update 30 October 2023

The consultation has now closed.  Once the consultation results are available from Civica, the  Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators will consider the responses received and publish a summary on this page.


**Update 26 October 2023

If you have not received, or have mislaid, your documents, we cannot send a new pack but you can find a copy of the consultation document here: Consultation Document.  Then please contact the Ranger’s Office via e-mail with your address details and we can organise a means for you to respond online. Please e-mail

The Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators (WPCC) are consulting households in the levy-paying area on a proposal to increase the levy to fund the sustainable management of the Commons.

If you live in a levy-paying household, you should receive the consultation documents through the post in mid September 2023. The documents consist of an information leaflet setting out the proposal, along with a postcard on which you can respond and a freepost envelope to return the card.  Alternatively, you can respond electronically through a link that is provided on the reply card.

Please do not return your response to the Ranger's Office as the responses are being collated by Civica, an external organisation.

If your household falls in the levy-paying area and you have not received your documents by 18 September, please e-mail the Ranger’s Office on



How do I know if I pay the levy?

The upkeep of the Commons is mainly funded by a levy on properties within three quarters of a mile of the perimeter of Wimbledon Common, measured by the most direct route along roads or footpaths, or within the old Parish of Putney as it was in 1871. The levy is collected on behalf of WPCC by the local councils and will be noted on your council tax statement.  If you are not liable to pay council tax, then you will not be affected by the proposed increase as you do not pay the levy.

A map of the levy area can be found here: Levy Area Map

If you think that you live in the levy-paying area but have not received any documentation, please e-mail us at or telephone on 020 8788 7655.

A copy of the consultation document can be found here. Consultation Document

Public Meetings
Opportunities to meet the WPCC team, ask questions and learn more about the levy and consultation will be held in the following locations:

  • Wednesday 11 October 2023 at 7pm – Sacred Heart Church Lower Hall, Edge Hill, Wimbledon London SW19 4LU
  • Tuesday 17 October 2023 from 7pm.  Formal meeting starts at 7.30pm. Putney Community Church, Werter Road, Putney SW15 2LL
  • Thursday 19 October 2023 from 7pm.  Formal meeting starts at 7.30pm.  Roehampton Holy Trinity Church, Ponsonby Road SW15 4LA
  • Saturday 21 October 2023 at 5pm - Online via Zoom. Register here:

Questions and answers

We have endeavoured to anticipate some additional questions that you might have and these can be found below. If your question is not answered here, please e-mail us at or telephone on 020 8788 7655.


In this set of Questions and Answers, we have recorded additional questions that have been raised with us.