Cycling on the Commons

Responsible cyclists are very welcome, it is a wonderful way to get around the Commons and it keeps you fit and healthy.

For a map showing our designated shared use pedestrian and cycle tracks please see our shared use cycle path map

If you do cycle on the Commons please be considerate towards other users. The Commons are not part of the transport network and it is important that cyclists know where they can cycle safely and responsibly, so that they can enjoy the Commons while also allowing others to enjoy them as well.


  • only cycle on the designated shared use pedestrian and cycle tracks
  • always give way to pedestrians and horse riders
  • slow down around pedestrians and horse riders
  • never exceed 10 mph
  • always use you bell to alert other users if you are approaching them from behind.



Our Bye-law No. 14 states:

"Except upon roads, cycle paths or parking spaces prescribed for the purpose by the Conservators, no unauthorised person shall draw, drive, ride, stand or place any wagon, van, cart, carriage, truck, bicycle, tricycle, motor car or other vehicle upon the Commons including footpaths or horse rides traversing the same."

You may be fined or otherwise found in breach of the law if breaching this Byelaw. Other Bye-laws can be read at the Commons Bye-laws