Walking with Dogs

Walking with Dogs

Important Information for Dog Walkers - 1 March to 31 August

Bird nesting season runs from 1 March to 31 August and during this time all visitors with dogs are asked to keep their charges under control and to particularly note the following:

PONDS - Dogs MUST be on lead around all of our ponds to protect our wildfowl
THE PLAIN - Dogs MUST be on lead and kept to the mown paths

Full details can be found here: Bird Nesting Season - Information for Dog Walkers


Wimbledon and Putney Commons are naturally a favourite spot for local, and not so local, residents and their dogs. This large open space and ranging woodlands, at a safe distance from busy roads, make it a perfect place for your dog to run free and discover the delights of the Commons for themselves.

We want all our visitors to enjoy the these special areas of natural beauty, but to do so responsibly and with consideration for others.  We ask that you walk no more than 4 dogs in any one group - regardless of the number of people.

Please help us to keep the Commons safe and welcoming by following these simple guidelines:

Keep your dog in sight and under effective control

If your dog is out of your sight, they could be up to all sorts of mischief - bothering golfers, chasing cyclists or worrying horses, putting themselves and the riders in danger.  

Don't let your dog disturb other visitors

Your dog may be friendly and harmless, and only want to say hello, but not everyone loves dogs, or is confident around them.  Young children, the elderly or disabled can easily be knocked over by an excited dog.  Please be particularly vigilant during the warmer weather when there are likely to be visitors enjoying picnics.

Walking on the golf course

The golf course is an integral part of the Commons' mosaic and the Green Keepers work hard to maintain the course in such good condition.  For your own safety, be aware of golfers about to tee off or take a shot on the fairway.  

Golfers may not tee off if you are on the fairway, but walkers should not unnecessarily hold up play. Please make every effort to get yourself and your dog out of their way as quickly as possible. 

Pick up after your dog and dispose of the bag responsibly

As with most other open spaces in London, it is a requirement that you pick up after your dog whilst walking on the Commons and dispose of the bag in one of the dog-waste bins, or take it home.  There are health risks associated with dog-waste, particularly for children, and so picking up after your dogs is very important, particularly on the playing fields where many school children play sports. 

Please DO NOT tie the bags of dog waste to a tree or a bush. Not only is it unsightly, but it is unpleasant for our staff who have to clear it up.

There are over 75 dog-waste bins on the Commons but if you have a suggestion for where one could usefully be placed, do please contact us.

Be aware of instructions on notices around the Commons

As well as a recreation area, the Commons are an ecologically important site and, from time to time, we will post notices asking dog-walkers to keep their dogs on a lead or away from designated areas, particularly during bird-nesting season when we also ask you to keep your dogs on a lead and out of some of the ponds.

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Microchip and Tag your dog!

Whenever your dog is out and about, that they have a tag with your contact details on their collar.  You can be fined up to £5,000 if you don't.  Here on the Commons, a tag means that should you and your dog become separated, we can reunite you quickly. If your dog is walked regularly by a dog-walker, we do recommend you have their contact details on their collar too.  

The law now also requires that all owners must ensure their dog is microchipped and their details are kept up to date.  We have a microchip scanner here at the Ranger's Office which will help us reunite you if your dog goes missing and have lost their collar.