Committees and Forums

Committees and Forums 

Audit & Risk

Membership:  Peter Hirsch, Michael Johnston, Peter Shortt (Chairman)
Co-opted: Sarah Wilton

Terms of Reference 

ARC Annual Report 2022/23

ARC Annual Report 2021/22

ARC Annual Report 2020/21

ARC Annual Report 2019/20

ARC Annual Report 2018/19

Finance & Investment

Membership:  David Hince, Diane Neil Mills, Nigel Ware (Chairman)

Terms of Reference


Membership: Sue Bucknall, David Hince, Diane Neil Mills (Chairman), Peter Shortt, Nigel Ware
Co-opted: George Laurence KC and Francesca Quint

Terms of Reference


Membership: Sue Bucknall (Chairman), David Hince and Diane Neil Mills
Co-opted: Belinda Leathes

Terms of Reference

Wildlife and Conservation Forum

Membership: Oliver Bennett (Chairman), Michael Johnston (Conservator) 
Volunteers: Adrian Podmore, Andrew Harding, James Copeland, Jan Wilczur, John Weir, Les Evans-Hill, Simon Riley

Stakeholder Forum

In October 2015, the Wimbledon and Putney Commons Consultation Stakeholder Group was set up. A “Consultation Stakeholder Group” is a body of people who use the Commons, and have a knowledge and interest in the Commons. The Stakeholder Group is an advisory body, providing views, suggestions and advice on matters affecting the management of the Commons. The Group consists of appointed representatives of invited organisations, with no more than one named representative per organisation. 

The current membership is as follows:

Carol Andrews - Wimbledon Village Stables
Clive Hilton - The Wimbledon Union of Residents` Associations
Wimbledon Common Golf Club
Jane Curtis - Dog-Walkers
Asif Malik - Wimbledon Windmill Museum
John Mays - Wimbledon Society
Robert Arguile - Putney Society
Peter Anthony - Roehampton Church School
Michael Gallagher - Parkside Residents Association
Andrew Harding - Wildlife & Conservation Forum
Andy Weir - Thames Hare and Hounds