Reports of "poisoned" chicken in the local area

The Ranger’s Office on Wimbledon and Putney Commons has been made aware of a number of incidents of raw chicken and chicken carcasses being found in the Wimbledon Village area.

Our understanding, having spoken to some local vets and to Merton Council’s Enforcement Department, is that chicken has been found in local roads: Southside Common, Grosvenor Hill, Holland Gardens, Cottenham Park Road and Coombe Hill.

Merton Council (as of 14th January) were not aware of any testing having been carried out on the chicken to ascertain whether it is contaminated in any way.  As far as we are aware, no chicken has been found on the Common.

We understand that one dog (in November) in the Coombe Hill area has been taken ill and had its stomach pumped but that the cause of the illness is not yet known to us.

Merton Council have asked that anyone with any sightings of pieces of chicken should report the matter to them on 020 8545 3170. The police have been informed and are aware.

We recommend, as always, that people keep their dogs in sight and report anything they think may be suspicious.