Volunteering on the Commons is going from strength to strength and there are now over a 100 regular volunteers giving their time and helping out with scrub clearance, litter picking, general estate maintenance and helping out at events.

With a small team of staff, managing the conservation work on top of the day to day maintenance is challenging.  Although we have a duty to maintain the Commons as "open and unenclosed" and in a "natural state", as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) a certain amount of management is required to ensure the heath and acid grassland remains as it should.  Without intervention, the Commons would soon become a large area of woodland.  Equally as importantly, with the Commons being such a popular area for visitors, we must ensure it is kept as safe as possible.

Over the last three years our Conservation and Engagement Officer, Peter Haldane, has been slowly building up a team of volunteers that help out with various tasks around the Commons.  Starting with the Saturday morning Scrub Bashers, who help clear scrub from the Heath, Peter now also has an "Estates Team" that help with jobs around the site, perhaps ditch maintenance, painting the stable yard, all things that again help ease the pressure on our Maintenance team.

Peter has also instigated an "Adopt an Area" litter-picking scheme where visitors and residents can focus their litter-picking activities.  

But there are many other types of volunteering too.  From organised groups from local schools/organisations/companies that come along for a day of team building, to individuals out with a litter stick and a carrier bag; or our wildlife volunteers that help us record the Commons' wildlife and helping out at events.

Scrub Bashing Group

This is a great way to get involved in conservation work. Not only is scrub clearance an essential and fundamental part of our conservation work here to protect the heathland, it's a great way to keep fit!

The Group meets outside the Windmill and Peter provides all the tools and gloves needed.

If you'd like to join in, please do contact him by e-mail peter@wpcc.org.uk or call on 020 8788 7655.

Work Groups

Peter also organises work days for local schools, charities, businesses or groups - these are great team building activities and give organisations a great way of putting something back into their local environment. Contact Peter for further information. 


One of the biggest problems we have, and one of the most expensive to deal with, is litter on the Commons. Our small team do a great job in dealing with the worst of it but if you wanted to help when you are out on your walk, or by joining our "Adopt and Area" scheme, please contact Peter for more information.  We provide litter sticks and bags.

Wildlife Monitoring

Do you have any skills in identifying flora or fauna?

As we step up our monitoring on the Commons we are increasingly in need of more volunteers to help us with
regular monitoring of our wildlife – whether it be birds, beetles, butterflies or plants and flowers. Ideally, it would
be helpful if you already have skills for id’ing in your chosen field, but we could look to provide some training
if enough people are interested.

Do you already collate data on the Commons? We do know there are a lot of people out there already carrying out surveys – if you do, we’d be very grateful to receive your data – it all helps build a picture of the Commons and is incredibly helpful for us as it can help form and develop our management plan. 

If you can help, please contact Peter at the Ranger’s Office for more information.