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Access for All: Improving Paths campaign

Urgent steps are needed to restore and improve the Common’s paths for the 3.8m people who visit each year.

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Why your help is needed

Every path, heathland, bog, stream, pond and woodland on the Commons has an incalculable value that requires ongoing investment. As a charity we rely on the support of the community and visitors who cherish this special to keep the Commons open, safe, clean and bursting with nature. Established by a separate Act of Parliament in 1871, the Commons are primarily funded by a dedicated levy on residential properties that are within three-quarters of a mile of Wimbledon Common or in the old Parish of Putney. Although this income allows us to meet our ongoing operational costs, it does not allow for any restoration or refurbishment projects. By making a donation, you can help ensure that we can hand these Commons on to the next generation in an even better condition than we enjoy them today.

Woodland trees

“Wimbledon Common means so much to me; beautiful countryside within London, my favourite city in the world.”

John C White