The Commons are an area of calm and tranquility in the midst of the urban sprawls of Wimbledon, Putney and Kingston upon Thames in South West London.

The Windmill Horserider at Sunset The Common

"He does not know Wimbledon Common who is not familiar with its labyrinths of leafy glades, its tangled thickets of wild red rose, bramble, and honeysuckle; who has not often traversed its turfy plateau and had the perfumes of odoriferous herbs borne in upon his senses; who has not pondered over its rusty pebble, and wondered whence they came; tried to acquaint himself with what may be gleaned of local history; First of all, to the Conservators of the Common, to whom we really owe very much, one may appeal for the preservation of the heath in its wild state... one prays earnestly that the Common be not vulgarised... by making this lovely spot ordinary - a kind of level, well-ordered suburban park, for this windswept Common is not ordinary; it stands alone, and is therefore priceless".

Walter Johnson: Wimbledon Common; its Geology, Antiquities and Natural History, 1912


Windmill Car Park
Gates locked at 2115hrs



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Wimbledon and Putney Commons Open Day
Sunday 13th September!

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Globally rare Beetle found on Wimbledon Common!

Staff from the Natural History Museum discover the rare False Click Beetle on Wimbledon Common during our recent BioBlitz.  This is incredibly good news and it is encouraging that the conservation work we do here is paying dividends.
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Oak Processionary Moth (OPM)

Important Update for Commons Users

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Media Release
June 2015

Conservators Commission a review of Putney Hospital Access Valuation



Putney Lower Common

Landscaping of the old hospital site.

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Result of 2014 Governance Review

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Review of Conservation on the Commons in 2014

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Putney Hospital Information


Logs for sale at the Ranger's Office - suitable for nature gardens or burning

From £40

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Minutes from Conservators' meetings


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