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Wildlife Update

3rd August 2018

An update on our wildlife this Summer

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A reminder about the risk of fire during this hot weather

23rd July 2018

A reminder to take care on the Commons during this hot weather

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Ragwort and how it's managed on the Commons

11th July 2018

Of all the plants that grow on the Commons, one of the most controversial is Ragwort, and there are many different views on how it should be managed - pull it up or leave it to grow.

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Bird Sightings - May to June 2018

9th July 2018

Latest update on bird sightings - May to June - from local recorder, Adrian Podmore, including news on Skylarks and Woodlark.

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Moths on Oaks - OPM vs Green Oak Tortrix

5th June 2018

Concerned about the clouds of moths you are seeing on Oak trees?  Read on.....

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